The Landes Letter - March 2020 Edition


   I hope this email finds everyone doing well and staying safe. My focus this month is to inform you on the impacts that COVID-19 has had on the Augusta County Clerk of Circuit Court's Office and to encourage the use of our online services. Lastly, I wanted to leave you with two photos of our beautiful courthouse with the Virginia, United States, and Augusta County flags illuminated at night, and an aerial view to serve as message of hope in this time of uncertainty. 

COVID-19 & Circuit Court Access Limitations

  Per a Circuit Court Order issued on Friday, March 13, access to the Augusta County Courthouse will be limited. Augusta County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, who provide security at the Courthouse, will be screening individuals entering the Courthouse.

   The Augusta County Circuit Court and the Augusta County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office want to do everything we can to protect the public who need to do business at, and our staff who work at the Augusta County Courthouse. For those who do not need to enter the Courthouse we encourage citizens to go online to access services where possible.

COVID-19 Resources

Clerk's Office Webpage

Concealed Handgun Permit Applications Can Be Completed Online

   Citizens who are applying for Concealed Handgun Permits are encouraged to go online to complete the application to bring to the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. By going to the Augusta County Website, and clicking on the Government Section, and then choosing the Circuit Court Clerk’s webpage you can find the online application.

   In the past three months the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office has received a great number of Concealed Handgun Permit applications, many of which citizens completed by hand. Completing the application online saves the citizens time and provides them a copy they can print to bring to the Clerk’s Office for new permit applications, or mail in for renewal permit applications.

Read the Full Press Release Here

Apply for Concealed Handgun Permit Here

   Thank you to the Augusta County Maintenance Staff, who made sure our Virginia, United States, and Augusta County Flags were all lighted properly at night. These guys do a great job, and the Augusta County Courthouse looks great as you drive by at night!

   Wonderful view of our Augusta County Courthouse posted by one of our local members of the Judiciary. One of Augusta County's gems!

Clerk of Court Contact Information

Please visit my website at for the latest news regarding the Augusta County Clerk of Circuit Court Office.

The Honorable R. Steven Landes, Clerk

Augusta County Circuit Court

[email protected]


Augusta County Website



Augusta County Circuit Court

[email protected]

Proven Experience and Trusted Service for Augusta County

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