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            The election is over, and the people have spoken and selected who will serve them in the various offices representing and working for the people of Augusta County. I was honored to receive the support of so many across Augusta County to be elected to serve as the 17th Clerk of Circuit Court. Let me say a sincere thank you each one who supported my candidacy and let me also say to those who supported one of the other candidates it is my hope I can earn your trust and support as I undertake this important Constitutional Office.

            When announcing I was going to run for Clerk of Circuit Court, and not seek re-election to the House of Delegates, I stressed the desire to serve as Clerk for all the citizens of Augusta County. It is my intention and promise to the citizens of Augusta County to serve everyone no matter what political party they may support or circumstance and background they may have. The Clerk’s Office is not a partisan office and should not be partisan in fulfilling the over 800 responsibilities spelled out in the Code of Virginia.

            During the campaign we issued detailed goals and objectives that I hoped to accomplish during the approximately four years remaining in the unexpired eight-year term of the Clerk of Circuit Court. It will be my commitment to work with the staff of the Clerk’s Office to investigate, and then implement those goals and objectives with the understanding the work can be accomplished with the resources available, and by the staff within their available workload. It is my intention to begin immediately once sworn into office to work directly with the Clerk’s staff and learn each job within the office. It is also my intention to work to create the Clerk of Circuit Court’s Advisory Committee as soon as possible.

            These are the things I promised to accomplish if elected, and these are the things I intend to work to accomplish within the next four years. Again, I sincerely thank the voters of Augusta County for entrusting me with this important job, and I want to thank my family, friends, and campaign supporters for their hard work in this past election to give me the opportunity to serve as Augusta County’s 17th Clerk of Circuit Court.                                                                 


Steve Landes

Proven Experience and Trusted Service for Augusta County

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