Augusta County Clerk Of Court Steve Landes Announces New Goals For Clerk Of Court Office

     VERONA, VA – Augusta County Clerk of Court R. Steven Landes, the Republican candidate for Clerk of Circuit Court, today announced his goals for the Clerk of Court Office should he be re-elected Clerk by voters of Augusta County on November 7, 2023.

     "If re-elected in November by the citizens of Augusta County it is my intention to pursue 14 goals and investigate and implement these objectives, if possible," Landes said. "Once again my goals will include: Innovating and Working for All the citizens of Augusta County, Preserving and Promoting History of Augusta County, and Seeking Input and Advice from the citizens of Augusta County."

     These detailed plans have been thoroughly considered and reviewed with parties familiar with the responsibilities of the Clerk of Court. Once elected, the following goals would continue to be investigated and implemented if possible after consultation with the staff of the Clerk of Circuit Court’s office.

Innovating and Working for All

  • Continue to serve as a working Clerk to conduct the more than 800 duties set out in the Code of Virginia and continue to work closely with the Clerk’s Staff.
  • Investigate and if possible, implement new jury management system for better communication with Augusta County citizens.
  • Investigate and if possible, implement new online efiling system for both criminal and civil court cases.
  • Investigate and obtain funding for back scanning and digitizing old criminal and civil case file for easier public and staff access.
  • Continue to encourage and enroll Deputy Clerks in the Virginia Court Clerk’s Association Career Development Master Deputy Clerk Program.
  • Work with Virginia General Assembly delegation and Augusta County Board of Supervisors for an increase in wages for current Deputy Clerks and entry level Deputy Clerks.

Preserving and Promoting History

  • Continue to obtain Circuit Court Record Preservation grants through the Library of Virginia to preserve Augusta County’s historic records, including their digitization.
  • Continue and expand the Augusta County Historic Records Online Archive Portal for additional public access of historic records.
  • Continue and expand the Augusta County Court House Historic Records Fund for historic record preservation.
  • Continue partnership and active participation with the Histories Along the Blue Ridge project, and the Augusta County History Trail
  • Work with Augusta County Board of Supervisors to have the part-time Historic Records Assistant position become a full-time Historic Records Archivist.

Seeking Input and Advice

  • Continue to be available and easily accessible to Augusta County citizens and hear their input and advice and answer their questions.
  • Continue Augusta County Clerk of Circuit Court Advisory Committee with partner members from the Augusta County Bar Association, Augusta County Historical Society, Augusta County Genealogical Society, Augusta County Board of Supervisors, Augusta County School Board, and Augusta County citizens. The Committee will continue to provide advice to the Clerk of Circuit Court.
  • Continue to speak to Augusta County civic clubs and organizations about the Augusta County Circuit Court Clerk Office’s services, and Augusta County’s history and historic records. Seek input from club and organization members related to duties performed by the Clerk of Circuit Court.       

     Landes is currently serving his fourth year as Clerk of Court. He is a member of the Virginia Court Clerks’ Association, and serves as Co-Chairman of the Legislative Committee, and is a member of the Public Relations Committee. Landes is a former Member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 25th House District, which included parts of Albemarle, Augusta, and Rockingham Counties. He served twelve terms.

     Landes is Governor of the Woodrow Wilson Ruritan District, and a member of the Weyers Cave Ruritan Club. Landes is also member of the Fort Harrison and General Daniel Morgan Chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution. He and his wife, Angela, are members and elders of Mount Horeb Presbyterian Church. They have a son, Roth, who is a Junior in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech. Visit for additional information.

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