put the Tangier Seawall Budget back in!!!!!!

I too was born in Staunton VA in 1979 and placed for adoption. I moved to Tangier Island when I was 19 years old. Now we hear tht you have decided to take our seawall away from us??!? How could you do such a terrible thing? Have you ever had to worry about how you would protect your home, livelihood, family?? Probably not, but that's all we worry about over here. Tangier provides millions is seafood revenue each year and brings thousands of visitors to these parts to learn how VA came to be!! Please don't take this out of the budget, as one Staunton born Virginian to another, please don't cast this uncertain future on us!! This is our home, out life, our LOVE!!! It's like we have been lied to gain, I was there in person the DA the Governor came and signed the seawall ino the budget, I've watched the Arym Corps doing their studies!! Please give us back what was rightfully promised to us, as Tangier men, and Virginians, as, Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Suggestions: put the Tangier Seawall Budget back in!!!!!!
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