The Landes Letter: April 11, 2016

 The Landes Letter

By Delegate R. Steven Landes
April 11, 2016





Next Wednesday, the General Assembly will meet for our Reconvened Session. The Reconvened Session provides members with an opportunity to consider the Governor’s Recommendations and Vetoes to bills that were passed during the 2016 Regular Session. Virginia’s Constitution prohibits consideration of any other business.


Status of My Legislation


I am pleased to note that House Bill’s 514, 515, 859, 1044, and 1303 were all passed and signed into law by Governor McAuliffe. House Bills 514, 515, and 859 promote economic development. House Bill 1044 will help identify and stop fraudulent prescription drug activity by both prescribers and recipients. Finally, House Bill 1303 will ensure members of the Board of Visitors remain up-to-date on higher education Board responsibilities and receive the appropriate educational programs prior to reappointment.


Governor McAuliffe vetoed House Bill 516, which creates a standard statewide policy that requires schools to notify parents about sexually explicit instructional material. The Governor’s veto of this commonsense measure is disappointing. Parents make decisions every day about what video games kids play, what movies they watch, and what material they consume online. They should have the same opportunity within the classroom. Virginia already has similar policies for sexual education and science curriculums. Governor McAuliffe’s Board of Education has put this issue off for several years, which is why the families affected by this bill were seeking a legislative remedy. I hope the Governor will keep his word and push for these changes to be made through the regulatory process. If he does not, I will introduce this legislation next year.


There are two bills I have patroned which the Governor has made recommendations for the General Assembly to consider. First, House Bill 685 would allow for Virginians to enter into direct primary care agreements. The Governor has recommended that the provisions of this act shall not become effective unless reenacted by the 2017 Session of the General Assembly. Second, the Governor has made a number of recommendations to House Bill 858, which establishes the Virginia International Trade Corporation. His recommendations to this legislation may be viewed here. House Bill 685 will increase health care choice, access and affordability. House Bill 858 will generate opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses to expand to new markets, increase international sales, and create new jobs here in the Commonwealth. These are good bills for Virginians and I hope they will become effective law this year.


A Spring Reception with the Honorable George Allen


I will be holding my first in-district fundraiser on Thursday, May 19th. I am honored to be joined by Virginia’s former Governor and United States Senator, George Allen. The event will be held at Bluestone Vineyard, located at 4828 Spring Creek Road in Bridgewater. You may view an invitation here. For additional information or to RSVP, please contact Will Wrobleski by email at or by phone at (603) 660-8811. I hope you'll be able to join us!


Contact Us


My Legislative Director, Judy Wyatt, Communications Director, Will Wrobleski, and I are here to serve you. If you need help with a state government agency or issue, we can be reached by phone at 540.255.5335 or by email at Our address is Post Office Box 12, Verona, Virginia 24482.


Please visit my website at for my latest press releases and newsletters. Also, be sure to “like” my Facebook Fan Page or you can now follow me on Twitter @steve_landes by clicking the buttons below:



Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your Delegate.



Steve Landes


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