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Governor Signs Direct Primary Care Agreement Bill Into Law


WEYERS CAVE, VA   ̶   Del. R. Steven Landes, R-Weyers Cave, announced today that Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed into law House Bill 2053, which allows for the establishment of direct primary care agreements between doctors and their patients. The bill will become law effective July 1, 2017.

“I commend Governor McAuliffe for approving House Bill 2053. Allowing individuals to enter into direct primary care agreements with their doctors will establish a new, innovative healthcare delivery model between patients and doctors,” said Landes. “Virginians are struggling with rising healthcare costs and I hope direct primary care agreements will be another tool available for individuals to utilize in obtaining high-quality and affordable healthcare. This bill is part of a broader effort to aid in my commitment to increasing healthcare access, affordability, and choice for all Virginians. As a newly named member of the Joint Subcommittee on Health and Human Resources Oversight, I know our work and efforts in the General Assembly to address the rising costs and complexity of healthcare in the Commonwealth will continue.”

House Bill 2053 provides that a direct agreement between a patient, the patient's legal representative, or the patient's employer and a health care provider for ongoing primary care services in exchange for the payment of a monthly periodic fee is not health insurance or a health maintenance organization, if patients are not required to pay monthly periodic fees prior to initiation of the direct agreement coverage period. The measure also provides that a health care provider who participates in a direct primary care practice may participate in a health insurance carrier network so long as the provider is willing and able to meet the terms and conditions of network membership set by the health insurance carrier. The measure establishes requirements for disclosures regarding direct primary care agreements.

Governor McAuliffe’s recommendations to House Bill 2053 were adopted in-part. The House and Senate concurred with Governor McAuliffe’s recommendations one, two and three and rejected the fourth. The first recommendation required the provisions to apply to any employers with direct primary care agreements, as well as direct primary care practices. The second recommendation adds that employees, as well as patients of prospective direct primary care agreements, receive written information. The third requires a clear listing of the services provided under the direct primary care agreement. The fourth recommendation, which would have placed the provisions of the bill under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act was rejected by the House of Delegates.

Landes represents the 25th House District, which includes parts of Albemarle, Augusta, and Rockingham Counties. Landes is currently serving his eleventh term in the Virginia House of Delegates. Visit for additional information.

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