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Delegate Landes Receives American Conservative Union Foundation's 2018 Award for Conservative Achievement


ACU researched and selected a range of bills before the Virginia General Assembly that determine a member’s adherence to conservative principles.

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) announced the results of its ratings from the 2018 meeting of the Virginia General Assembly. ACUF researches and selects a wide range of bills that reflect a member's adherence to conservative principles, whether they are economic, social, cultural, or government integrity. Legislators who score above 80% in each state receive awards for their commitment to conservative principles. The scores have been specifically designed to convey to voters the most accurate assessment of Virginia’s elected officials who voted with the ideals articulated in the U.S. Constitution.

Landes received an 83% rating for the 2018 General Assembly Session and holds a lifetime ACU rating of 87%. This was the third year in a row Delegate Landes has been recognized. “I am honored to be acknowledged with the 2018 Award for Conservative Achievement from the American Conservative Union Foundation,” said Landes. “The ACUF is a leading proponent of the conservative, constitutional principles that guide my voting and view of the proper role of government. I appreciate their recognition of my work in the General Assembly, as well as the ACUF’s steadfast advocacy for our shared beliefs. I will continue my efforts to keep the Commonwealth on a path of fiscal responsibility and prosperity, while remaining loyal to the Virginia and United States Constitutions.”

Legislators who scored above 80% in ACUF’s 2018 Ratings of the Virginia General Assembly will receive awards for their hard work toward passage of legislation that reflects conservative principles. “The American Conservative Union Foundation is proud to present our ratings of the 2018 meeting of the Virginia General Assembly,” said ACU Chairman, Matt Schlapp. “We at ACUF believe, as Ronald Reagan once said, that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We hope that by providing this unique tool, these ratings will empower Americans to exercise their right to protect our unique American democracy from tyranny.”

To view the ACUF’s Virginia ratings guide, visit

Established in 1973, purpose of the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) is to educate voters, office-holders, and opinion leaders as to why conservative principles work better to solve the myriad of complex and dynamic problems facing Americans today and to equip them to become better and more effective problem-solvers by implementing conservative values within their communities. Its five policy centers represent a range of issues, including criminal justice reform, property rights, statesmanship and diplomacy, arts and culture, and human rights and dignity, and bring together the nation’s most respected thought leaders to share conservative solutions with community influencers, civic and religious leaders, think tanks, local and federal-level elected officials, the media, and the general public. For additional information, visit

Landes represents the 25th House District, which includes parts of Albemarle, Augusta, and Rockingham Counties. Landes is currently serving his twelfth term in the Virginia House of Delegates. Visit for additional information.

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