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The News Virginian: Gillespie Vows to Tackle Small-Business Woes

The News Virginian: Landes Appointed to Joint Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

CBS 19: Crime Commission to Study Expanding DNA Collection

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Medicaid Expansion Blocked Again, but New Health Care Debate Takes Shape

The Roanoke Times: UVa 'Watch List' for Wealthy Said to Fit the Pattern of Other Universities

The Daily News-Record: Landes Joins Home Instead Staff

The News Virginian: Shamrock Farms to Add 78 Jobs to Augusta County Plant

CBS 19: Political Tuesday: Free Speech at Colleges Legislation

The Daily Progress: Defending Free Speech at Virginia Colleges

The Daily News-Record: Lawmakers Blast Vetoes

The Washington Post: Va. Governor Vetoes Charter School and 'Beloved' Bills

The News Virginian: McAuliffe Vetoes Legislation on Charter Schools, Virtual Schools

WHSV: March for Meals Brings Out Community Leaders to Help Others

The News Virginian: Landes' Economic Development Bills Become Law

WHSV: Free Speech Bill for College Campuses to Go Into Effect This Summer

The Daily News-Record: Three Bills Sponsored by Landes OK'd

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Medicaid Block Grants Embraced by GOP Candidates for Governor, But Not Some Republican Budget Leaders

NBC 29: Representatives Meet in Albemarle Co. to Discuss Recent Session

The News Virginian: Landes Officially Becomes House District 25 Nominee

The Chesterfield Observer: Governor Likely to Veto 'Sexually Explicit' Bill

The Roanoke Times: Few Understand Free Speech on College Campuses; Even Fewer Can Take the Heat

The News Virginian: Wilson, Governor's School Student Earns Byrd Leadership Award

The Daily Progress: Losses, Yet Hopes, on Redistricting

The Free Lance-Star: Virginia Bill Would Spur Charters in Districts with Struggling Schools

The Daily Progress: Landes Seeks New Term, Could Face Old Foe in 25th District

WHSV: One on One with Bob Corso

The Daily News-Record: Del. Landes Running for Re-Election

The News Leader: Landes to Run for Re-Election

WCHV: The Joe Thomas Show Interview with Delegate Landes

The News Virginian: Area Legislators Say State Budget Addresses Critical Raises, State Police Pay

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: General Assembly Passes Legislation Similar to 'Beloved' Bill; Governor Plans Another Veto

The Daily News-Record: Charter School Bill Advances to Governor

The Daily News-Record: Legislators Expect Gov. to Sign Budget

The News & Advance: Potential Review of Training Center Closure Plan Part of Budget Negotiation Talks

The Daily News-Record: Legislators Ponder Loosening Cannabis Restrictions

The Winchester Star: Just a Signature Away - Mr. McAuliffe, Equality of Opportunity for Virginia’s Poor and Minority Students Awaits Your Hand

NBC 29: Gov. McAuliffe Weighs in on State Budget

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: It's Called Freedom of Speech. Maybe You've Heard of It?

The Chesterfield Observer: 'Sexually Explicit' Books Bill Passes House

Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association: Woody Evans Interview with Delegates Landes

The Cavalier Daily: Proposed Campus Free Speech Law Progresses Through General Assembly

The Roanoke Times: What Does Free Speech on Campus Mean?

The News and Advance: Two Plans Could Help Schools Cover Costs Despite Declining Enrollment

The Daily News-Record: Charter Schools Bills Clear State House, Senate

The News Leader: Majority of Virginians Say Public Schools Underfunded

Richmond Times-Dispatch: House Panel Sticks with Plan to Require University Leaders to Live in Virginia

NBC 29: State Senate to Take Up on Sexual Content in Schools

WHSV: One Bill Aims to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses

Bacon's Rebellion: How to Bring More Charter Schools to Virginia

WVTF: After Failed Attempt, Republican Lawmakers Try Again on "Sexually Explicit" Books

The Daily Press: GOP Welfare Reforms Sputter in the House

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Va. House Backs Bill Requiring Parents Be Notified of Sexually Explicit Materials

The News Virginian: Landes' Legislative Survey Includes Strong Support for Medicaid Audit

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Chris Braunlich Column: A Charter School Proposal That Can Turn Around Failing School Districts

WVTF: Fight from the Right for Free Speech on Campus

The Daily News-Record: Lawmakers See Success

The Daily Progress: Landes Withdraws Proposal That Could Have Ended Revenue-Sharing Agreement

The Free Lance-Star: Editorial: Will Virginia Reform Redistricting

WRIC: New Version of 'Beloved' Bill Passes House Committee

Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association: Woody Evans Interview with Delegates Landes and Cline

Inside Nova: Democrats Call for Vote on Redistricting Reform

The Daily News-Record: Del. Bell Pushes for Tebow Bill Again

The News & Advance: With Single Vote, House Subcommittee Kills More Than 20 Proposed Va. Constitutional Amendments

The Virginia-Pilot: Redistricting Reform, Civil Rights Restoration Among 20-plus Constitutional Amendments Killed by General Assembly Subcommittee

The News Leader: New Legislation Could Allow Alcohol in Cigar Shops

The News & Advance: Redistricting Reform Returns Power to the People

The News & Advance: Virginia Redistricting Reformers Lobby for a Permanent Fix

GOP Calls for Benefit Cuts, Fraud Measures, in Welfare Reform

Delegate Landes Delivers GOP Weekly Address

Southwest Virginia News: Budget Amendments Would Aid Rural Schools

The Free Lance-Star: Editorial: Voters May Get Say on Gerrymandering

The News & Advance: Senate Finance Kills Va. Bills to Control Tuition

The News Virginian: Landes Withdraws Bill on Courthouse

The News Leader: Landes Pulls Courthouse Bill

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Bill Advances Mandating at Least Two Members from Private Sector on Va. Board of Education

The Virginia-Pilot: Charles McPhillips: A Republican's Appeal on Redistricting

The News Virginian: Landes Amendment Aims to Stifle Gerrymandering: Subcommittee to Take up Measure Monday

The Daily Progress: Toscano, Landes Bill Seeks Study of DNA Collection Expansion

The News Leader: General Assembly Taps Shah. Goodwin for Judgeships

The News Virginian: Gillespie Continues Quest for GOP Nomination

The Cavalier Daily: Bill in General Assembly to Protect Free Speech at Colleges

The News Virginian: Local Prosecutor Becomes First Indian-American Judge Elected in Virginia

NBC 29: House GOP Plans to Push Direct Primary Care Plan

The News Leader: Landes Bill Would Let County Move Courthouse

NBC 29: Albemarle County Officials Urging Crime Commission Study

Delegate Landes Floor Speech Outlining Healthcare Agenda

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Shapiro: House Redistricting Decision - the Gorilla in the Room

The Daily News-Record: Del. Landes Sets Session Priorities

The News Virginian: Landes Bill Would Create County Economic Revitalization Zones

Augusta Free Press: Virginia in a Box on Medicaid, Affordable Care Act

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Bipartisan Fear of Medicaid Block Grant Threat to Virginia

The News Leader: Fort Envirothon Team to Receive General Assembly Resolution

Richmond Magazine: 10 Bills to Watch

The News Virginian: Area State Legislators Say Budget Could Dominate General Assembly

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: New, Old Health Care Issues to Be Taken up by Lawmakers

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: For Higher Ed Officials, General Assembly Session Offers Few Dollars to Chase

The Daily Progress: Higher-ed Institutions Eyeing General Assembly Action on Funding, Speech

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: House Republicans Pitch Plans for Economic Development, Cutting Regulation

CBS 19: Delegate Steve Landes Hosts Town Hall to Talk Upcoming Session

The News Virginian: Landes Surveys Constituents as General Assembly Session Approaches

Richmond Free Press: Va. Republicans Announce Plans to Roll Back Welfare Benefits

The Daily News-Record: Republicans Push for Welfare Overhaul

The Daily News-Record: Bill Would Encourage Colleges to Support Free Speech Rights

WVPT: Viewpoints Interview with Delegate Steve Landes

The News Virginian: Bell Will Offer $250,000 Budget Amendment for Local Museum

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: House GOP Looks to Tighten Rules for Virginia Welfare Recipients

The Roanoke Times: Investors in Lindenburg Parent Made Millions

The News Virginian: Gov's Budget Changes Face Scrutiny

NBC 29: JLARC Report: Tens of Millions Unnecessarily Spent on Medicaid

The Chesterfield Observer: Chase: Warn Parents About Explicit Books

The Parent Herald: Albemarle County School Board Meets Legislators to Discuss Educational Priorities

The Daily Progress: Vital Signs: Revamping Care System for Intellectual Disabilities is Moving Forward

Charlottesville Tomorrow: Area Legislators Talk Uncertain Budget Picture at Forum

The Daily News-Record: Bellamy Out After Push

The Daily Press: State Board of Education Member Resigns over Tweets

The Virginia-Pilot: Virginia Board of Education Member Resigns over Racist, Sexist, Vulgar Tweets

The Daily Progress: Bellamy Resigns from State Education Board Under Pressure over Tweets

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Charlottesville Vice Mayor Resigns from Virginia Education Board amid Twitter Controversy

NBC 29: Del. Steve Landes Stops by Albemarle County Schools

The Daily Progress: County School Board Discusses Education Priorities with Delegates

The News Virginian: Landes, Hanger to Study Trump Impact on Obamacare

The Daily News-Record: Bell Leaves GOP Attorney General Race

The News Virginian: Back to School: Delegate Gets First-Hand Look at Successes, Needs

NBC 29: VA Lawmakers Preparing for Changes to Affordable Care Act, Medicaid

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Joint Panel in Virginia to Monitor Health Care Policy Changes Under Trump Administration

The Roanoke Times: Report Urges Withholding of Money to VDEP

The News Virginian: Legislators Say Trump Must Rely on Others, and Act Fast as President

The News Leader: Republicans Upbeat in Augusta

WHSV: New Virginia State Police Office Unveiled

The News Virginian: Legislators Rally for Right-to-Work Amendment

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia Medicaid Costs to Rise Again as Governor Prepares New Push for Expansion

The Daily Press: State Board of Education Seeks $600 Million More

The News Virginian: Landes: Study Shows Medicaid Expansion Not Feasible

Liberty News: Virginia Education Summit Held at Liberty University

Lancaster Farming: Managing Heifers in Declining Cattle Market

The News and Advance: Garmey: A Veteran Teacher's Take on Education Reform

The News Virginian: Landes Honored by Retail Trade Group

Daily News-Record: State Retailers Name Landes Top Lawmaker

The Daily Press: Notes and Notables: Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe, Petersburg

Blue Ridge PBS: This Week in Richmond with David Bailey

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: No Bailout in Sight for Petersburg, State Officials Say

The News Virginian: Area General Assembly Members Receive Validation of Conservative Credentials

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: VA Economic Development Office to Lose International Trade Division, Refocus Mission

The News Virginian: Del. Steve Landes Tours Farms in Virginia's 25th District

The Daily News-Record: Farm-Friendly Focus

NBC29: Delegate Steve Landes Tours Farms to Learn Agribusiness

The News and Advance: Newman and Landes: Future of Education in Virginia

WVTF: Petersburg Financial Woes Worry State Lawmakers Lawmakers, Educators Meet for 2016 VSBA Legislative Advocacy Conference

The Daily News-Record: Valley Policy Makers Encourage Students to Vote

The News Leader: How Hanger, Bell, Landes See VA's Budget Shortfall

The Daily News-Record: Landes Targets Higher Education

The News Virginian: Governor Visits Crimora Center to Unveil Forestry Investment

The Daily Press: Virginia Spends $200 million a Year on Government Travel, but the Burden Doesn't All Fall on Taxpayers

The News Leader: Forest Fight Gets Boost from Gov

The Daily News-Record: Governor Makes Valley Stop, Highlights New Forestry Funding

The Daily Progress: Governor Visits Valley to Unveil Forestry Investment

The News Virginian: Landes: Revenue Shortfall Traced to Low-Pay Jobs, Slow Economy

The Daily News-Record: McAuliffe Announces $1.5B Budget Hole Virginia Lawmakers Question UVA over Strategic Investment Fund

The News Virginian: Augusta GOP Ready to Get Out the Vote for Trump

The News Leader: Stable Craft Brewing to Start Distributing

WHSV: Stable Craft Beers to Be Distributed to Restaurants Throughout Virginia

The News Virginian: Local Beer Branches Out

WHSV: BRCC Hosts 4th Annual Valley Business Summit

The Daily News-Record: Lawmakers Blast Tax Burden, Regulations

The News Virginian: Landes: State Budget Takes Hit from Sluggish Economy

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Gov. Terry McAuliffe Says Outlook for Revenue Is Not Optimistic

The Roanoke Times: #InlandPort2Rke: Getting Creative About an Inland Port in Our Region

WHSV: BRCC Unveils New Houff Student Center Renovations

The News Virginian: College Touts $12 Million Addition

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Former VA Sen. Watkins Named to State Retirement Panel - To His Surprise

The Daily Press: Howell, 10 Other Delegates at ALEC This Week

The News Leader: Landes Attends Bill Mill in Indy

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia's New Secretary of Education Says Focus Will Remain on Improving Schools for State's Kids

The Daily Progress: Locals React to Clinton's Chosen VP

The Roanoke Times: State Employees Praised for Complaint on Mitchell Case; Agency Denies It Mislead Anyone

The Daily News-Record: Landes Heads Panel Reviewing Future of Education

The News Virginian: Landes Named to New Education Education Panel

Chesterfield Observer: Sen. Amanda Chase: Label Books with Explicit Language, Reading List Debate Enters New Phase

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Republican Delegates Re-File Three Bills That Governor Terry McAuliffe Vetoed

The News Leader: Gerrymandering Inches Toward Its Deserved End Revenue Shortfall May Delay Raises for State Workers

Augusta Free Press: AFP Brings Video Project to Life for GAPP Coalition

Lancaster Farming: Virginia Agriculture Wins in New Budget

The Virginia-Pilot: The Brewing Battle over Overseas Trade

The Daily News-Record: New State Laws Starting Today

The News Virginian: Area Lawmakers Hope Ordeal at End for McDonnell

The Daily Progress: GAPP's Message to Area Youth: 'You Don't Stand Alone'

The News Virginian: Governor Signs Landes Trade Bill

The News Virginian: New Voting Equipment in Augusta County Delayed Until at Least Late This Year

The News Virginian: Area Legislators Say Voting Restoration Lawsuit a Necessary Check

The Daily Progress: Augusta County Repeals Panhandling Ordinance

The News Virginian: Board Asking for New Voting Equipment

NBC29: Doctors React to Governor's Veto of Direct Primary Care Bill

The Daily Press: McAuliffe Drops Three Vetoes, Including Primary Care Agreements

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: House Appropriations Leaders Criticize William & Mary Tuition Hike

The Daily Press: "Mind Numbing." House Budget Writers Blast W&M Tuition Increase

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia Raises Could Be Imperiled by Declining Revenues

CBS19: Lawmakers Debate Felon Voting Rights Restoration

WHSV: New Brewery Opens

The News Virginian: Craft Brewery near Hermitage Open for Business

The News Virginian: Snoopy for City Council: Waynesboro Residents Write-in Candidates

NBC29: House Speaker, Delegates Visit UVA Focused Ultrasound Center

The Daily News-Record: Valley Lawmakers Discuss Session

The News Virginian: The Cost of Success: New Law Opens Doors for Beer Industry

ABC13: Lawmakers Return to Richmond for 'Veto Session'

The Daily News-Record: Lawmakers Take Aim at McAuliffe's Vetoes

Augusta Free Press: Wayne Theatre Marks Grand Reopening

WVTF: CVS Fills Prescription for Disabled Workers

The Cavalier Daily: McAuliffe Signs Bill to Protect Student Innovators at Universities

Washington Business Journal: Why Virginia Is Shaking up Its Economic Development Strategy

WHSV3: New Bill Passed to Help Local Breweries McAuliffe Signs Tax Exemption for Beer-Making Materials

The News Virginian: Governor, Lawmakers Celebrate Rehab Center's New Project

The Daily Press: Virginia Governor McAuliffe Vetoes Sexually Explicit Books Bill

The News Virginian: McAuliffe Vetoes Landes Legislation on Sexually Explicit Material

The Washington Post: McAuliffe Vetoes Bill Permitting Parents to Block Sexually Explicit Books in Schools

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Gov. Vetoes Bill Requiring Schools to ID Sexually Explicit Materials

The Virginia-Pilot: McAuliffe Vetoes Bill Triggered by Concern over Toni Morrison Novel "Beloved"

The Heartland Institute: Virginia Lawmakers Vote to Protect Direct Primary Care

C-Ville Weekly: Can the Statue Be Moved? Not Just a Local Issue

NBC29: PVCC Holding Conference to Showcase Positive Aspects of Government

The Daily Progress: At Chamber Breakfast, Politicians Discuss Education, Business Landes and Toscano Talk Budget, Education at Annual Chamber Breakfast

C-Ville Weekly: Winners and Losers: The General Assembly is Adjourned

The Daily News-Record: Lawmakers End Session

The News Virginian: Area Legislators Say Virginia Budget Meets Obligations

WHSV: Bob Corso Interview with Delegate Landes Virginia Lawmakers Pass One of the Largest Budgets in Va. History

The Daily Press: Subscription-Style Primary Agreements Narrowly Clear Va. Senate

The Daily News-Record: In Rarity, Lawmakers Get Budget on Time

The Virginian-Pilot: Free Speech Groups Urge McAuliffe to Veto Bill Aimed at Toni Morrison's Novels

The News Virginian: No State Money This Year for Waynesboro Museum

The News Virginian: Bell's Virtual Schools Bill Passes General Assembly

The Daily Press: Doctors Pitch Monthly Plans, Insurance Lobby Fights Back

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: What About Those Racy Books?

The News Leader: Veto 'Beloved' Bill, Expand Medicaid

The Daily Press: Legislative Notebook: One Week to Go

The Daily News-Record: Teleguz Execution May Be Delayed

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Bill on 'Sexually Explicit' School Books Wins Final Passage, Heads to Governor's Desk

The Washington Post: 'Beloved Bill' Goes to McAuliffe's Desk

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: After Passionate Debate, Senate Passes Bill That Lets Parents Object to Books

The Daily Press: Senate's Airbnb Bill Gets Delay; Norment Gains Upper Hand in Lodging Industry Fight

The Virginia-Pilot: State Senate Passes Bill Requiring Schools to Warn Parents About Sexually Explicit Content

The Washington Post: Va. Senate Approves Bill Allowing Parents to Block Explicit Sexual Content in Schools

NBC29: Virginia Senate OKs Bill Warning of Sexually Explicit Books

The Free Lance-Star: Virginia May Warn Parents of Sexually Explicit School Books

The Virginia-Pilot: Bill Would Require Virginia Schools to Notify Parents of Sexually Explicit Instruction Materials

WHSV3: Virginia Bill Benefiting Breweries Proposed

The Washington Post: In Virginia Classrooms, Should Parents Block Sexually Explicit Literature for Their Kids? Bill on Explicit Material in Class Moves Forward

The News Leader: Good Try, Steve Landes

The Roanoke Times: Our View: How Catawba Hospital Got Saved

Delegate Landes Floor Speech on Proposed House Budget

NBC29: State Republican-Led House, Senate Work to Make Deal on Budget

The News Leader: Changing High School for the Better

The Roanoke Times: McAuliffe to 'Review' Coal Tax Credits After Legislature Votes for Extension

Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association: Woody Evans Interview with Delegate Landes Crossover Day for Legislation in the General Assembly

The Daily News-Record: Lawmakers' Bills Clear 'Crossover Day' Update: Ones to Watch

WHSV3: Virginia General Assembly Reaches Halfway Point

The Daily News-Record: Lack of Lethal Drugs Will Likely Delay Killer's Death

The Daily News-Record: This is Their Only Option

The News Leader: Vote No on the Charter School Amendment Sen. Hanger

The Daily News-Record: Charter School Debate Persists

The News Virginian: House Rejects Proposal to Require Recorded Votes

WHSV3: Rockingham County School Board Visits General Assembly

The News & Advance: Bill to Require Recorded Votes in the General Assembly Dies

The Daily News-Record: Landes Backs State International Trade Authority

The News Virginian: Amendment on Charter Schools Divides Community

The Daily News-Record: Drawing Party Lines?

The Daily Progress: Keeping Themselves in Office

The News Leader: 'Cooling off' Domestic Violence Bill Passes Senate

Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association: Woody Evans Interview with Delegates Landes and Cline

Virginia Business Magazine: Business Leaders Support Bill to Boost International Trade

The Daily Press: Once Again Virginia House Panel Kills Redistricting Overhaul Proposals

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: In the General Assembly, a Major Step Toward Redistricting Reform

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Vassey & Duval: International Trade is Virginia's Best Economic Development Opportunity

The News Leader: Do We Really Care about Our Public Schools?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: More than 10K Virginians with Disabilities in Need of Services

The Daily Press: Budget Amendments Target AG's Office over Reciprocity, Voting Suit

The Daily Press: Sexually Explicit Book Bill Moves Forward

Delegate Landes' Floor Speech Outlining Education Agenda

WRIC: House Republicans Outlines Education Agenda

The Daily Press: McAuliffe Budget Includes Major Increase in Jobs Incentives

Richmond Times Dispatch: GOP Bill Gives Parents State Funds for Private or Home Schooling Use

The Daily News-Record: Charter School Bill Draws Fire

The Roanoke Times: Republicans Look to Give Parents Control of State Education Funds

The News Virginian: Landes, Bell Endorse Gillespie Campaign for Governor

The News Leader: Change the Law that Cost Augusta $30k

The News Virginian: Haymore Staying put as Virginia Agriculture Secretary

The Daily News-Record: Sens. Receive Law, Finance Panel Chairs

C-Ville Weekly: Put on Ice: The General Assembly is in Session

WCHV: Delegate Landes Interview with Joe Thomas (0:52 - 15:30) Charlottesville Teen Picked as House of Delegates Page

WHSV3: Delegate Steve Landes Discusses the Upcoming Virginia General Assembly

Richmond Times-Dispatch: House Bill Would Allow VA Parents to Veto Sexually Explicit Materials in Classroom

The News Virginian: Schools Cautious of Budgeting with Governor's Proposal

The Daily News-Record: Legislature Set to Begin

CBS19: Delegate Steve Landes Holds Last Town Hall

NBC29: Delegate Landes Holds Final Town Hall in Crozet

The Roanoke Times: Supporters Make Plea for Catawba Hospital at Budget Hearing

The Daily News-Record: Sen. Bucks GOP on Gun Changes

WHSV: Valley Delegates Preview Major Issues Before Next Week's General Assembly

The Daily News-Record: Reaching Out to Constituents

The Daily Press: General Assembly Considering Education Funding, Career Readiness

The Daily News-Record: Gov. McAluliffe Outlines $109B Budget

The News Virginian: Local Legislators Weigh in on McAuliffe's Budget

The Daily News-Record: Valley Leaders Discuss Economic Initiative

The News Virginian: Local Legislators Await McAuliffe's Budget

The News Leader: General Assembly's Upcoming Session and What to Look For

The News Virginian: Local Lawmakers Say McAuliffe Bond Package Could Be Revised

The News Virginian: Blue Ridge Project Included in McAuliffe State Bond Package

Charlottesville Tomorrow: Albemarle School Board Lays Out Priorities for Area Legislators

WINA 1070: County Supervisors Hear from Lawmakers

The Daily News-Record: Virginia a Friend to the Environment

The Daily News-Record: Valley Lawmakers Agree on Refugee Halt

Augusta Free Press: Delegate Landes to Receive American Conservative Union Award

The News Virginian: Medicaid Cost Putting Squeeze on Other State Services

The News Virginian: Museum Unlikely to Get Money from State Budget

WINA 1070: GOP Picks Leaders for 2016, 2017

Richmond Biz Sense: Education and Business Converge at Summit

NBC29: House Education Summit Kicks off at UVA

The News Virginian: Landes Earns Another Term in House District 25

The Daily Progress: Daily Progress Endorses Landes for Delegate

WHSV: Delegate Landes Profile Piece

The Crozet Gazette: Election 2015 Candidate Statement - Steve Landes

105.5FM: Crossroads Family Radio Interview Delegate Landes Interview with Val Thompson

The News Virginian: Landes Looks at National Guard Staffing Needs

WHSV3: Landes Tours Shamrock Farms

The News Virginian: McAuliffe, Landes Study Ways to Diversify Virginia's Economy

The News Leader: Getting to Know Steve Landes

The News Virginian: Valley Business Summit Focuses on Small Business, Innovation Delegate Landes Tours UVA, Talks Future of Higher Education

NBC29: VA Lawmakers Reviewing Performance of Departments


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